We consider ourselves advocates and partners
with our clients.

We educate our clients on their portfolios to build strategic and successful partnerships

Trust is the Foundation of Any Business Relationship

Trust is the foundation and paramount of any business relationship. We uphold the highest integrity in delivering financial services to our clients. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. Protection of client’s privacy, transparency in advisory fees, and full disclosure of firm activities are not just codes of conduct, but our way of being.

Knowledge Empowerment 

We pride ourselves on utilizing ongoing education and effective communications to help our clients navigate through the complex world of finance and investment. We believe in clear communication and transparency as a fundamental rule. Our clients know what they are investing in and we take the time to educate our clients on their portfolios to build strategic and successful partnerships. Our clients make well-informed decisions and take their financial future in their own hands.

Global Perspective

Whether it be political events or natural disasters, FIOH evaluates the impact of events with a global perspective and offers a balanced and objective view of how our clients’ financial life and their portfolios may be impacted. Our advisory staff comes from a diverse and global background allowing us to have this uniqueness in our value proposition.

Dedication to Excellence

At FIOH, we consider ourselves advocates and partners of our clients. We are committed to ensure our clients’ financial goals and objectives are met through unwavering focus on establishing, implementing and monitoring financial planning and investment management strategies.

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Your Needs are Specific to your Situation

We Cater to YOU

Catering to Your Specific Needs

With all the volatility of the global market, FIOH seeks to overcome these challenges. FIOH takes on the role of customizing portfolios to specifically meet your needs, while also focusing on market strategies to persevere through market challenges. We do NOT use a “cookie-cutter method” that you may see when you visit larger firms. We understand that everyone has a mosaic of financial goals and needs and we cater to this logic.

FIOH offers comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services through customized financial analysis portfolio design to individuals and businesses. Personal understanding by our advisors of our clients’ financial objectives allows us to develop appropriate and targeted financial plans and investment strategies to increase the probability of success. Unlike larger companies that force you into a portfolio that may not be fitting and then top off your portfolio with excessive fees, at FIOH we avoid the use of the multiple services model that loads your portfolio with fees and expenses. Through empowerment, integrity and dedication, we partner with our clients to navigate through the complex world of finance and uncertainties to take the future in our own hands.